Keep Position – Dynamic Positioning System

Keep Position produktikonDynamic positioning and maneuvering system that can be integrated with MPTC or other maneuvering systems. Simple and flexible system that can be used to lock the vessel’s position or position it relative to an ROV or other moving objects.

Our dynamic positioning and maneuvering system, Keep Position (KP), is designed to meet the needs of a number of industry sectors, including aquaculture. It is renowned for its flexibility. Keep Position is competitively priced, comes in three different versions with various levels of functionality and can be customised.

Keep Position has an advanced user interface and is simple to use. The interface shows the user only that information relevant to the job in hand.

Before we deliver Keep Position systems, we analyse the host vessel to ensure they meet the relevant environmental requirements and available manoeuvring power. Once we have the results, fine adjustment of the vessel’s steering becomes a simple, fast process. The analysis also lets us make recommendations at an early stage that enhance maneuverability if necessary.

Keep Position is customised to each individual vessel. Because it is also set up for the job the vessel is to do, wear and tear on the propulsion systems and fuel consumption are reduced.

In difficult weather conditions that can cause downtime, Keep Position from PMH can help ensure better working conditions. Being able to complete the job despite the conditions means more cost-effective projects and easier keeping of schedules.

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