We have supplied over a thousand robust, effective tunnel thrusters to the fishing, transport and aquaculture industries for almost 30 years. A PMH thruster has a simple yet robust design, is very flexible and can be fitted to almost all types of hull. Our thrusters can be delivered for electrical or hydraulic solutions.

Thrusters from PMH are designed for use in harsh environments and tough conditions, with excellent performance and reliability in the most cost-effective manner.

We supply two types of thruster technology: ST and STR. The ST design has a curved tunnel whilst the STR design has a straight tunnel.

STR design

The motor is mounted perpendicular to the tunnel with a 90 degree gear, making it ideal for fitting under the main propeller shaft.

ST design

The ST design has no angled gear, but a direct drive line through propellers and motor, meaning minimal complications and moving parts. The construction is service-friendly and easy to adapt to almost all hull types, and is especially suited to catamarans.

Thrusters with complete maneuvering system

We supply pumps, valves, cooling system and electronic control systems for hydraulically-driven thrusters. We supply frequency converters and control systems for electrically-driven thrusters.

Our control systems are prepared for integration with thruster control systems such as MPTC and dynamic positioning systems such as Keep Position.

More information

In our brochure you will find additional information about our thrusters, but feel free to make contact, for a chat about our products. Product Datasheets we can also sent to you on request, or they can be found below.

Together with you, we will aim to find or customize our products to a solution that meet your needs.

Technical data – ST-Design:

Datasheet Dia. Tunnel Efficiancy Output MAX RPM Propeller blades Power
ST25-15 250mm 15hp 2200 RPM 3 >120kg
ST35-30 350mm 30hp 1700 RPM 3 >250kg
ST45-50 455mm 50hp 1330 RPM 3 >400kg
ST60-80 630mm 80hp 1200 RPM 3 >650kg
ST65-160 675mm 160hp 820 RPM 4 >1300kg
ST80-150 830mm 150hp 700 RPM 3 >1200kg
ST100-300 1050mm 300hp 550 RPM 4 >2400kg
ST120-500 1250mm 500hp 450 RPM 4 >4000kg

Technical data – STR-Design:

Datasheet Dia. Tunnel Efficiancy Output MAX RPM Propeller blades Power
STR80-150H 840mm 150hp 700 RPM 3 >1200kg
STR80-150E 840mm 120kW 700 RPM 3 >1200kg
STR80-250H 840mm 250hp 830 RPM 3 >2000kg
STR80-250E 840mm 200kW 830 RPM 3 >2000kg