TCP produktikon

TCP (Thruster Control Panel) and STC (Side Thruster Control System) from PMH are robust and simple systems for thruster control. Adapted individually and works well with existing systems.

TCP-11 and TCP-12:

For effective control of hydraulicly driven thrusters up to 50 HP.

STC Single and STC Dual:

Sipmle thruster control for thrusters from 50 HP and above. Adapted to both electric or hydraulic thrusters. The System has various alarm and monitoring solutions.


TCP and STC can be mounted indoor and outdoor og maneuver origitnally one or two thrusters.We can together with our buyers customise our products – and the solution can therefore be adapted to the maneuvering of as many thrusters as wanted.

TCP and STC suits all our thrusters – from 15 to 500 horsepower.

Other maneuvering systems: