PMH Drum Winches

PMH Drum Winches, like all PMH winches, makes light work out of hard challenges in demanding marine environments – remaining reliable and robust at all times.

Our DW winches, our drum winch range, are constructed and designed according to the latest regulations and international standards – including Norwegian Maritime Authorities rule No.1853 and ISO7365.

PMH winches can be delivered with system for advanced data logging collecting various data from the winch operation.

Logging of data
During all operations, the system will log data. The log contains load data, active operator mode, hydraulic pressure and, if available – the geographic coordinates of the vessel. All data are logged to flash memory in a USB stick.

Four standard models
The DW Drum Winch range consists of three winches: DW-20, DW-40 and DW-60, produced in steel and with max. traction power of 20, 40 and 60 tons respectively. They are hydraulically-powered but can be adapted to electrical power. Our drum winches come with a complete hydraulic system including pumps, valves and cooling system. The winches can be expanded to include a control panel with advanced data logging and load sensing and limitation system.

Modular design
The design is modular, which means it can be adapted to most capacity requirements. Based on standard dimensions, the DW-20 has drum capacity of 300m, 30mm hawsers, whilst the DW-40 and DW-60 have capacity for 650m, 60mm hawsers.

Advanced functions
The control system consists of a cabinet and a control panel, the system also has inputs for external remote. Operation of the winch is done via a control panel located on the bridge, remote or locally.

The control panel consists of touch screen for mode selection, settings and log functions and a joystick to operate the winch.

In addition to providing drum winches we also provide anchor winches and purse seine winches.

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